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And we're growing with you.

A brief history

Founded in 2014 – we set out to blaze a different path. At a time when technology was the center of everything, we decided to use it to enhance our process, without sacrificing our relationships. In doing so, we built our team and culture around the consumer.
Because of our ability to embrace, rather than avoid, technology, we have a unique position in the marketplace and we have assembled true industry professionals to educate and deliver the most competitive pricing and products to our clients.
We work hard to ensure we serve our clients at the highest level possible.
Come visit us or get in touch. You will see the difference.

Why we do it. (And why we want to work with you).

We love people, finance, and real estate. We are locally-owned and operated, serving the communities we live in.

We founded the company on a few simple principles:

  1. Building relationships.
  2. Educating clients.
  3. Always offering exceptional service.

We do all of this by investing in technology. Our Customer Relationship Management systems allow us to think of you as an individual, not an application, making it easier for us to connect with you on a personal level. We have access to tools to help narrow down the products and pricing structures to make home-buying easy and understandable. Our know-it-all advisors have seen anything and everything, and sure, they love to humble-brag about it, but they also love to teach from it.

Technology: The study of tech?

We keep talking about technology, but that’s for good reason. In today’s world, technology must be leveraged to gain speed and expedite process. We, of course, do this. But in the Information Age that we’re currently in, googling “What type of mortgage should I get?” will yield over 600,000,000 results. That’s a lot of zeroes. Do you have time for that? No? We sift through the clutter for you to provide the relevant (and factual) information.

One size (doesn’t) fit all

Look, real estate may simply be one of the biggest and smartest investments of someone’s life. It’s not buying groceries or even a car – it’s buying something that could potentially last a lifetime (or longer). We can help you understand what that actually means and by getting to know you and your circumstances, then we can offer the best options for YOU.

Planning a purchase, where one solution does not fit everyone’s needs? Everybody has different timing, goals, wants, etc. – we help work through it all with YOU.

Looking to execute a new investment strategy? Investment properties have an entirely different set of rules. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist and can educate YOU on the process.

Just wanting to understand your real estate portfolio? We can help walk you through your investments to help set goals for the future, whether it’s paying for your kid’s college or retiring early to live in a cabin and have rental income. We can help YOU plan out your roadmap.

The mortgage industry is complicated and always changing. Many aspects of the industry we can’t change (bond markets, real estate inventory, etc.), but what we can control is how we position our company to best serve you. We work very hard everyday to ensure we are well positioned and ahead of the curve.

WE TCB (take care of business)

We have built a team that constantly strives to find a better way to deliver a phenomenal experience to our clients. And we do this all while offering the most competitive rates and products. We strive to provide the highest level of service and expertise through efficient systems, teams, and processes while offering the most competitive rates and products.

Our goal is to work hard and build long-term relationships with our clients and referral partners. We can’t wait to get to know YOU!

A message from our founders

“At Root Mortgage, we love working with people. We have an expert team of individuals with the ultimate goal of serving our clients. We will work hard for you, your family, and your situation. That’s why we serve our clients by giving them the same advice we’d give to our family and friends.”

-Scott and Reza



10151 SE Sunnyside Rd #220
Clackamas, OR 97015

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